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Journey to the silver side (part 3)

You may remember from my previous post that I had bought myself a nice little rangefinder the Olympus 35sp but now I had a problem. Ugly orangy-red marks on my negatives and prints. I said in my last post that I had used an old, out of date film for my test roll which might have been a mistake. The problem now was I couldn’t figure out where the light leak had come from. The ebay seller had assured me the camera had just been serviced so I was hoping it wasn’t the light seals on there. Also the light leaks weren’t on every frame and seemed to recede the further into the roll I got. I surmised (wrongly it turned out) that the leak was on the canister. I guess it was wishful thinking! I really didn’t want it to be a problem of the camera I had just spent over £100 on!

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My journey to the silver side part 1

I decided early in 2015 to go back to film. The reason was I had my 30th birthday and decided that I wanted something special to mark this occasion. But what to get? My dream camera of course. A Leica. I know, I know they cost a lot. I know, a lot of people buy them just for that little red dot. I know you can get a camera that will give great results for a fraction of the price but… It has been my dream to own a Leica since I’ve owned a camera.


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