Delivery-4 on Flickr.

I was on a forum earlier this month I was asked the question, what’s your favourite shot of 2015? My favourite shot of 2015 has got to be this one. Taken shortly after the birth of my Son this is a photography of the obstetrician who performed the birth. I really love this shot, obviously for sentimental reasons but also I think it’s a great shot! (if I do say so myself). Now, I have a habit of loving my photos then going back a month later and hating them. Maybe I’m too attached. There is a saying, “kill your darlings” and I know I’m guilty of not being brutal enough with the delection of my photos. One day maybe I’ll go back through and delete all the truly awful ones… Anyway, back to this shot. What do I like? I like the layering in the shot, the assistant in his scrubs standing, waiting in the background and the sheets at the front showing that it’s a candid shot. The framing of the lights above draws the eye as well as adding some environmental detail to add context. I also like the juxtaposing features in this shot, the perfectly groomed eyebrows of the surgeon showing above the mask. Most of all I like it as it captures a moment I’ll remember forever.