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If you want things to change you first have to change you

“If you want things to change,

you first have to change you”

– Rachel Bright, The Lion Inside

A few events recently have started me thinking about the topic of change. Firstly is the above quote. Not from some sage mystic or motivational speaker. It’s from a book I’ve been reading to my two year old in which a small mouse feels left out and ignored. Instead of wallowing in self pity the mouse decides to make himself brave and think like a winner.

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Enter Barcelona – Zine Review

I have heard last year referred to as “Twenty SevenZINE” due to the large number of zines being released. What’s the allure? They provide something tactile in a digital world. We all look at pictures on Instagram on our tiny phone screens but how often do we print our work or even better curate and edit our work into a finished product? A photobook or an exhibition might sound daunting but a zine is the perfect entry point for a photographer looking to show off their work or simply to have their memories in print. With that in mind I am starting a new zine review section of this site to showcase some of the great work out there. The first submission comes from Nigel (Unevenedits on Instagram)

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What I learned from leaving my camera at home

Earlier this week I traveled into Manchester to discuss details of my upcoming exhibition. We were in a rush to leave, I wasn’t sure if I’d remembered to charge the batteries on my Leica M9 and part of me couldn’t be bothered lugging round a camera all day to be honest.

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Beauty in unusual places

Sony Xperia Z5

I didn’t expect this when I pulled up in Lidl carpark but there is something awesome about this shadow. It seems to rise up out of the grown or maybe be melting into the pavement. I wish I’d worked this shot more but I was in a rush and people were looking at the mad man taking pictures of shopping baskets.

If you remember, a couple of years ago I decided to start shooting film. This seemed like a big adventure after years of shooting digital and I was excited to get started. I bought an Olympus 35SP, a couple of rolls of Tri-X and all the equipment and chemistry I needed to get started. But then… I stalled… the Olympus though lovely to shoot had a light leak… I couldn’t get the film onto the rolls for the tank without dedicating about an hour to this task. Scanning results weren’t great. And… I guess I quit. Now, I’m a teacher during the day and what would I have said to one of my pupils who gave up after their first attempt? Well, I’d have told them that we can’t be perfect first time and that quitting was the easier option than working hard to improve. So, I shot another roll and this was a bit better. I used a Nikon F80 which I knew was light tight. The results were better this time. And I know if I keep going and learning all the time they will continue to improve.

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In conversation with Jacob Murphy

“I never thought about shooting street photography or even street portraits until I found myself living in Mexico. I started seeing pictures materialize in front of me in a manner I wasn’t used to and it wasn’t until I picked up a camera and took to the streets that a light turned on. I wanted to show people this different way of life, these ordinary moments that were going by seen, but unacknowledged; simple day to day activities that were brought to the light by simply paying attention to them.

Ever since those first few months of daily walks throughout the streets of Mexico City I’ve found that I like capturing life. It’s as simple as that. I like taking engaging pictures. Whether it’s in everyday life or through people posing, my camera is the connection between the person and the narrative that captivates me.

And in the glimpse of a single moment, I am allowed to capture stories.”


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In Conversation With Johnny Medina

Johnny is an award winning photographer specialising in urban/barrio imagery. Described as a photographer of the people, Johnny talks to us about his life and his inspirations.

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Back in time

Nostalgia is in the air in the UK at the moment with Labour wanting to bring the trains back into public ownership. I think if they also said they were bringing back steam trains they would definitely get in.

In Conversation with Richard Palmer

Richard James Palmer is a British photographer from South Shields, UK. He spends his time documenting the North East of England, using a Mamiya 7ii and Ilford Hp5, Richard has recently self published a book on his Home Town, “Home Sweet Home” and is currently working on a 365 project using Fuji Instax Wide and continuing to document his home town for Home Sweet Home volume 2.

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