Big Top

In Bruce Davidson’s ground-breaking work, “Circus” he described the circus as, “A Kind of World Within a World”. A kind of world within a world became the title for Robert Poole’s project as it summed up perfectly both what can be seen on stage but also what exists behind the scenes of a travelling circus.

After visiting the circus with his family Robert was instantly enthralled by this community which exists within our society. Part of it, but somehow apart. The Moscow State Circus hires Russian Circus artists from the best circus schools in Moscow and they travel around the world, taking their homes and families with them. Often the sons and daughters of circus performers themselves, for many the road and the stage is all they have ever known.

Robert managed to secure access to the backstage of the circus and has spent many hours documenting the pre-stage rituals of the performers. Capturing the emotions, the focus and the laughter which exists behind the confetti, glitter and bright spotlights.

The Exhibition can be viewed at Leica Store Manchester till 22nd September.

All prints will be available to purchase.