I have heard last year referred to as “Twenty SevenZINE” due to the large number of zines being released. What’s the allure? They provide something tactile in a digital world. We all look at pictures on Instagram on our tiny phone screens but how often do we print our work or even better curate and edit our work into a finished product? A photobook or an exhibition might sound daunting but a zine is the perfect entry point for a photographer looking to show off their work or simply to have their memories in print. With that in mind I am starting a new zine review section of this site to showcase some of the great work out there. The first submission comes from Nigel (Unevenedits on Instagram)

Enter Barcelona_

Nigel’s zine Enter Barcelona is the perfect example of what zines are all about. What I love about this zine is it’s simplicity. Shot on an Olympus Trip 35 and printed in a simple format of image and title. This zine has a real retro feel about it. Some say a ‘true’ zine should actually be made on a xerox machine. The project comprises of some beautiful pictures which capture street life in Barcelona juxtaposed with the everyday. The pictures alone don’t always stand out (though there are some that really do) but as a collection they take us on a journey.  What this zine shows us is that a zine doesn’t have to be an extensive body of work or a ‘serious’ documentary project. It shows us that we should get off our backsides and print our work.

Enter Barcelona_-3

RP: Tell us a bit about yourself

I started taking photos with an iPhone about 3 years ago, bought my first digital camera last March, got a film camera six months later and started developing my own film at the start of this year. My film camera is what I’ve been using the most.

Whether it’s my phone or film camera I take pictures everywhere, mainly in street/urban settings. However, for the past few years Leeds has been where I’ve been putting into practice everything I’ve learned. Recently I’ve been working with bands in Leeds, capturing the energy of their live shows using an analog camera and black and white film.

RP: How did the zine come about?

My first photo project is a zine called ‘Enter Barcelona’. It came out of a trip I took to Barcelona last year and a friend challenged me to only use a film camera. This was really the start of my film photography journey. The camera I used was an Olympus Trip 35 and Kodak Colour 200 film. I have a few copies available via my website www.unevenedits.com or you can send me a message on Instagram.

Enter Barcelona_-2

RP: What did you enjoy most about this project?

I thoroughly enjoyed choosing the images and putting them in sequence. I think it’s so important that photographers print their work!

RP: What’s next?

I’m currently working on my next zine. Keep an eye out on Instagram for updates.

You can follow me on Instagram @unevenedits

If you would like to purchase a copy of Enter Barcelona you can find it here

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