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Enter Barcelona – Zine Review

I have heard last year referred to as “Twenty SevenZINE” due to the large number of zines being released. What’s the allure? They provide something tactile in a digital world. We all look at pictures on Instagram on our tiny phone screens but how often do we print our work or even better curate and edit our work into a finished product? A photobook or an exhibition might sound daunting but a zine is the perfect entry point for a photographer looking to show off their work or simply to have their memories in print. With that in mind I am starting a new zine review section of this site to showcase some of the great work out there. The first submission comes from Nigel (Unevenedits on Instagram)

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In Conversation with Richard Palmer

Richard James Palmer is a British photographer from South Shields, UK. He spends his time documenting the North East of England, using a Mamiya 7ii and Ilford Hp5, Richard has recently self published a book on his Home Town, “Home Sweet Home” and is currently working on a 365 project using Fuji Instax Wide and continuing to document his home town for Home Sweet Home volume 2.

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Why it’s worth raiding your archives

When I haven’t had chance to go out and shoot I like to take a look back through my archives and see if there are any diamonds in rough which I missed the first time around.
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Land of Fire and Ice

This summer work took me to a destination I had always wanted to visit; Iceland. It was a whistle stop tour which didn’t give me as much time as I would like but I have to say it lived up to my expectations. The purpose of the trip was to look at the effects of tourism on the island. Now, this is an island of less than 400,000 people but tourist numbers of in 2014 were nearly a million.

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