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In Conversation with Ioana Marinca

This month we have yet another member of the inimitable AllFormat Collective. Ioana Marinca. Ioana is an analogue photographer whose touching documentary work made me hunt her down on Instagram and she kindly agreed to an interview.

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Enter Barcelona – Zine Review

I have heard last year referred to as “Twenty SevenZINE” due to the large number of zines being released. What’s the allure? They provide something tactile in a digital world. We all look at pictures on Instagram on our tiny phone screens but how often do we print our work or even better curate and edit our work into a finished product? A photobook or an exhibition might sound daunting but a zine is the perfect entry point for a photographer looking to show off their work or simply to have their memories in print. With that in mind I am starting a new zine review section of this site to showcase some of the great work out there. The first submission comes from Nigel (Unevenedits on Instagram)

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In Conversation with Jason Brewer

This week I continue to highlight the work of amazing photographers within the analogue film community and got the chance to chat with Jason Brewer. Jason describes himself as, using analogue and digital photography to explore and interpret the world around him. Taking pictures for himself of the things that capture his attention and pique his curiosity.

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In Conversation with Nick Mayo (Nick Exposed)

Nick Mayo is an analogue photographer based in Grand Rapids, MI, USA. His mainly shoots portraiture and street photography, where he enjoys the art of waiting for a story to unfold before him. Drawn to light, shape and form, his photographs tend to take on a strikingly simple composition.

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In Conversation with Richard Palmer

Richard James Palmer is a British photographer from South Shields, UK. He spends his time documenting the North East of England, using a Mamiya 7ii and Ilford Hp5, Richard has recently self published a book on his Home Town, “Home Sweet Home” and is currently working on a 365 project using Fuji Instax Wide and continuing to document his home town for Home Sweet Home volume 2.

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Why I love this shot


I discovered Walter Rothwell’s work through the fantastic magazine The Inspired Eye  who were kind enough to feature both of our photography in their magazine and on their blog.

Walter combines two of my favourite things in photography. The Hassleblad X-pan and street Photography. If any of you don’t know, the X-pan is a panoramic camera made actually by Fuji for Hassleblad which exposes two 35mm frames to give a panoramic image and utilises rangefinder focusing.

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How I got this shot


I love this shot. The composition might not be technically perfect and I’ve made my usual mistake of not concentrating on the edge of the frame, but I think it’s not enough to ruin this shot.

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Keep Your Distance by adzman_808 on Flickr.

There’s been a lot of technical stuff on my blog recently so I thought I’d pick some great shots I’ve seen recently on Flickr and discuss why i like them so much so here’s the first one by Adam Bonn.

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