Keep Your Distance by adzman_808 on Flickr.

There’s been a lot of technical stuff on my blog recently so I thought I’d pick some great shots I’ve seen recently on Flickr and discuss why i like them so much so here’s the first one by Adam Bonn.

I really like this image. I like the composition, the symmetry of the two men sat almost perfectly equidistant from the middle of the bench with the sign separating them. I like the repetition of legs both the people and the bench which I find is pleasing to the eye.

The blurriness caused by the glass adds to the anonymity that we adopt as commuters and adds an every-man feel to these characters. The title sums this up everyone in this image is alone but together.

One criticism is that I would have liked slightly more (or slightly less) at the bottom. The feet feel truncated especially on the woman. This might not have been possible to include in the original framing. I like the comical way in which the refraction of the glass alters the size and shape of the legs. Maybe if this had been trimmed to mid calf it might feel more comfortable to look at.

Overall I don’t think these problems are enough to ruin the picture so I’m adding it to my new hall of fame.

You can see more of his work on Flickr and on his blog.