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Happy Accidents

How many times have you accidentally tripped the shutter and ended up with a random, often blurred picture? What do you do with them? Delete them? Kick yourself for forgetting to turn off your camera? Or keep them? Every now and then there is a shot among them which is a keeper. It doesn’t happen often but when it does there can be very interesting results. Odd angles, features highlighted which may have been ignored.

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No time to shoot…

This is my main problem at the moment. I have a full time (non photography related) job; a four month old son; a new role at work; a new house and a nine year old husky. I kept moaning to anyone who would listen. I’ve got no time to shoot. I’ve not picked up my Leica in months. Even if I did when would I process them? I’ve rolls of film sitting, waiting patiently for me to process them and I’ve not even unboxed my darkroom equipment yet!

But is it really true? In fact when I think about it I’ve still been shooting. Maybe not on my Leica or Fujis or one of my film cameras but I’ve been shooting without even really thinking of it as photography. I’ve been using my smartphone. A Sony Xperia Z5.

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In Conversation with Andy Bush – War Photographer

Ex soldier, war photographer and Fuji photographer Andy Bush has travelled the world’s hotspots to bring back some iconic images or war. In an exclusive interview Andy tells us about his inspiration and let’s us in on some of his experiences.
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Nightbird by Sheena She

 This month we have a special guest feature by Newark photographer Sheena She. Sheena discusses street photography and using redscale film to give a very unique twist to her photography. Hit the jump to read more.

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In Conversation With She Escobar

RP: Hi She, please tell us a bit about yourself. 
Hi, Robert. Thanks for having me here. I am honored!
I am a registered nurse, but I am not practicing my profession. I’ve been taking photos since 2006. After giving up on photography and a long hiatus, I started taking pictures again after getting a camera last July 2015. I love black and white photography. I also started dabbling in film photography last year. My focus now is taking portraits and telling stories about the lives of people I encounter during trips.

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Beauty in Unusual Places

In a previous post I spoke about always having my phone on me at the ready to spot a photo opportunity. Well, this time I want to talk about spotting beauty in unusual places.  I found a very unusual place last week. The bathroom of a car garage.


I don’t know what attracted me to this shot.The light streaming through the window, lighting up this dark, dank place has a cleansing quality. The highlights are completely blown and detail is completely lost on the floor, technically not great but adds emphasis to the main feature. Bathed in an almost holy light, the bricks draw the eye to the main feature, this majestic… no, wait, it’s an old, grubby urinal. The strange S shaped piping underneath looks almost like some sort of occult piece of design. Or maybe it’s just a picture shot on my phone of a garage loo.

Sneak Preview: in conversation with Andy Bush

Form covering the armed conflict in Syria to accompanying bomb disposal squads in Laos Andy Bush has travelled with his trusty X-Series Fujis getting the shots for British newspapers. Andy will be telling us about his experiences in an exclusive interview next month.

Blogs to follow: Adam Bonn Photography

If you haven’t already, check out Adam Bonn’s great Fuji related site. Adam discusses his GAS affliction, his love affair with the XPRO1 and shares some of his photography including his amazing recent foray into street photography.

Fujifilm: Photographs, Prose and Stories

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With Apologies to Lee Jeffries

Having a nine week old baby has severely limited the amount of time I’ve spent seriously focusing on photography recently. Apart from the million shots of him currently taking up the majority of my phone’s memory. Instead I’ve been spending time researching new photographers and trying to post process some of my old shots to imitate them. I know I should create my own style but I find it quite fun!
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