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In Conversation with Rodrigue Zahr

Rodrigue Zahr is a Lebanon based director, editor and photographer whose imaginative humanistic style is reflected in the documentation of exceptional events, products and people within his work. Zahr is the production manager and photography director at ELLE Oriental magazine but has worked for national and international firms such as Monocle magazine, LS:N Global, Louis Vuitton, Ladurée Paris, Swedish minister for international development cooperation, Bank Audi, Step Together and many more.  Zahr is known for his discerning journalistic sensibility.

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In Conversation with Pep Williams

Pep Williams grew up skating on the streets of LA, knew Tupac, Dr Dre and Kurt Kobain. He is a professional skater, a model and a photographer. He has travelled the world photographing and being photographed. Pep’s pictures have a gritty rawness that only someone who grew up on the same streets as those who pose for him could achieve. His subjects are often the tattooed sort of people that might make you consider crossing the road but Pep draws out their vulnerability and shows their human side. Click the jump to read my conversation with Pep Williams.

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First Impressions: Summaron 28mm f5.6

I was in Leica Store Manchester yesterday and they let me take the new Summaron 28mm f5.6 out for a play. In fact, they insisted. I was looking at trading up my 50mm Summarit for a cron and we got chatting about the new lens, next thing I know he’s putting it on my M9 and sending me out to play.

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Do street portraits have to be human?

As you know I have had a personal project this year to take as many street portraits as possible. Well, on holiday this year I decided to expand this project to man’s best friend. I actually found this as or more enjoyable than shooting humans! Maybe I’ll do a “Humans of New York” style website. Dogs of New York?


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Street Portraits


From time to time I like to give myself a project to try and enhance my craft and keep me interested. This year my project is street portraits. It definitely puts one outside of one’s comfort zone.

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The Question of Critique

How do we improve our photography? How do we take better pictures? How do we get past the point we are at? I ask myself this all the time? As a teacher I know the best way for my students to improve is by getting high quality feedback and in today’s digital age that should be easier than ever. But is it?

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Happy Accidents

How many times have you accidentally tripped the shutter and ended up with a random, often blurred picture? What do you do with them? Delete them? Kick yourself for forgetting to turn off your camera? Or keep them? Every now and then there is a shot among them which is a keeper. It doesn’t happen often but when it does there can be very interesting results. Odd angles, features highlighted which may have been ignored.

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No time to shoot…

This is my main problem at the moment. I have a full time (non photography related) job; a four month old son; a new role at work; a new house and a nine year old husky. I kept moaning to anyone who would listen. I’ve got no time to shoot. I’ve not picked up my Leica in months. Even if I did when would I process them? I’ve rolls of film sitting, waiting patiently for me to process them and I’ve not even unboxed my darkroom equipment yet!

But is it really true? In fact when I think about it I’ve still been shooting. Maybe not on my Leica or Fujis or one of my film cameras but I’ve been shooting without even really thinking of it as photography. I’ve been using my smartphone. A Sony Xperia Z5.

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In Conversation with Andy Bush – War Photographer

Ex soldier, war photographer and Fuji photographer Andy Bush has travelled the world’s hotspots to bring back some iconic images or war. In an exclusive interview Andy tells us about his inspiration and let’s us in on some of his experiences.
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