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First Impressions: Summaron 28mm f5.6

I was in Leica Store Manchester yesterday and they let me take the new Summaron 28mm f5.6 out for a play. In fact, they insisted. I was looking at trading up my 50mm Summarit for a cron and we got chatting about the new lens, next thing I know he’s putting it on my M9 and sending me out to play.

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Nightbird by Sheena She

 This month we have a special guest feature by Newark photographer Sheena She. Sheena discusses street photography and using redscale film to give a very unique twist to her photography. Hit the jump to read more.

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With Apologies to Lee Jeffries

Having a nine week old baby has severely limited the amount of time I’ve spent seriously focusing on photography recently. Apart from the million shots of him currently taking up the majority of my phone’s memory. Instead I’ve been spending time researching new photographers and trying to post process some of my old shots to imitate them. I know I should create my own style but I find it quite fun!
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Why I love this shot


I discovered Walter Rothwell’s work through the fantastic magazine The Inspired Eye  who were kind enough to feature both of our photography in their magazine and on their blog.

Walter combines two of my favourite things in photography. The Hassleblad X-pan and street Photography. If any of you don’t know, the X-pan is a panoramic camera made actually by Fuji for Hassleblad which exposes two 35mm frames to give a panoramic image and utilises rangefinder focusing.

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How I got this shot


I love this shot. The composition might not be technically perfect and I’ve made my usual mistake of not concentrating on the edge of the frame, but I think it’s not enough to ruin this shot.

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Last year I had an interview published over on The Inspired Eye blog. If you haven’t checked it out you should do! It’s an amazing blog and magazine featuring some great talent.

St Gerassimo’s Day – The real Greece – INSPIRED EYE

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