Having a nine week old baby has severely limited the amount of time I’ve spent seriously focusing on photography recently. Apart from the million shots of him currently taking up the majority of my phone’s memory. Instead I’ve been spending time researching new photographers and trying to post process some of my old shots to imitate them. I know I should create my own style but I find it quite fun!

Last year I started to see a lot of pictures by Lee Jeffries. You can check out his Flickr here. I was even more interested to find than Lee was a fellow Boltonion! I’m going to be speaking to Lee when he returns from Miami so watch this space!

Now, I don’t claim to be able to hold a candle to LJ but here are a few of my modest attempts to put my own spin on his style.

All are street portraits from my travels, heavily edited using first lightroom then finishing touches using Snapseed on Android. Let me know what you think in the comments below or share your own attemDUePmW

Pilgrim in the style of  LJ.

The Curator