I’ve talked before about how I took a great picture with my smart phone when the batteries all ran out on my Fuji, well here’s another smartphone shot. This time I just didn’t have a camera with me. I know I should always carry one just in case but I figure having my phone means I am always carrying a camera.

There are some great photographers out there shooting exclusively with their phones Big Head Taco springs to mind who, although he reviews all sorts of high end cameras, prefers to shoot his personal stuff on an iPhone.

This shot became one of my most ‘interesting’ shots on Flickr in terms of favourites and views (which I put down to in part having a beautiful model, my wife). It fits in, I guess, with the low fi, toy camera, filtered look that seems to be still popular at the moment. Hashtag no filter seems to be paraded as a badge of honour recently but I think all photos can do with a little tweaking and I’m not ashamed to say I breathed on this a little, ok i edited the hell out of it using Snapseed. It’s grainy, it’s blurry and I love it.