This month we have a special guest feature by Newark photographer Sheena She. Sheena discusses street photography and using redscale film to give a very unique twist to her photography. Hit the jump to read more.

Time to time I like to shoot redscale.  Redscale is basically film that has been exposed on the other side or the wrong side.  Usually when you DIY, you take one roll of film and wind it back into another empty film canister but using the other side (wrong side, upside down, or however you want to call it).  For this particular roll, I had a roll of Rollei Nightbird 800 in my fridge that has been sitting for almost a year.  I have used Lomography’s Redscale NR 50-200 and loved those results as well.
I shot the Nightbird film using Pentax P3 and as of late, I have been shooting street photography for a change.  I usually like to curate photoshoots where everything is usually set up with a model, a theme, outfits, etc.  Street photography is always fun especially living in a city.  Redscale is perfect for this because it gives a different tone, texture, and feel.  Obviously it might not be for everyone but I enjoy using different film to create a different palette, outcome, and art.
I came across on Twitter on a challenge to use redscale film for the month of February so I had to jump on the opportunity especially having a roll ready.  It’s just fun to be a part of a film community and I love seeing redscale being used in street photography because it just looks so awesome and just has a unique look especially when you start playing with the exposures.  Some may look yellow, green, or a bluish red.  Film is super fun and I just took my time with this roll.  It took about a week or so to finish because I didn’t want to shoot just anything.  Hope you enjoy the outcome of Nightbird. Have fun always!  That’s the beauty of film.
Sheena She and lives in Newark, NJ, USA and was born in the era of film and has always shot with it.  She is an avid nature lover, currently learning herbal remedies, and wants to travel more. Check out more of Sheena’s work here:
Instagram @tadirakai